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Online innovator chooses Xactly web service for world-class support

Making the most of employees means giving them the best tools and guidance to do their jobs. Putting them in an office space with no direction sets both these workers and the company they represent up for failure. Though the example may sound extreme,…

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Xactly takes businesses to the cloud for greater advantages

Getting the most out of current deployments can sometimes mean finding new software to operate within these constructs. With the cloud, trying and testing these solutions isn't as expensive or arduous as it used to be, and with so many aspects of…

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Divide sales on-boarding into segments

Sales on-boarding can be a daunting process for trainers and new representatives. During training, managers have to spend time away from their regular responsibilities while they teach recently hired employees how to complete basic tasks. The amount of…

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Xactly helping company expand globally

Companies are increasingly turning to incentive compensation management (ICM) software to streamline commission payments for representatives. Many enterprises implement the tool when they have plans for global expansion in the near future. For instance,…

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Fostering teamwork with sales incentives and resources

Salespeople often thrive when they work as a team. A strong group knows how to play to each member's strengths and land major clients by working in harmony. Teams don't come together overnight, however - it can take weeks before individual…

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Software company integrates Xactly to expedite sales commission processes

Asure Software, an Austin, Texas-based provider of workplace management software, recently made the decision to implement Xactly Express as a means of improving both the accuracy and speed of its sales commission processes. The software solution will…

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For one company, incentive compensation management software helps reduce workload

Managing a sales department can be a lot of work, with myriad issues - ranging from compensation planning to training - demanding attention on a daily basis. Fortunately, technology has evolved to the point that companies making use of incentive…

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Off premise solutions lower EIM / SPM entry bar

When the early niche EIM / SPM solutions were being introduced over ten years ago, the low end of the target market began with companies having about 100 sales representatives. These solutions, with their sizable implementation schedules and server…

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