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Category: sales

How SAP Commissions Improves UX and Reduces Dispute Times

Author: Melissa Summers

Whether you are new to SAP Commissions, or looking to see if SAP Commissions is right for your team, this is a good video to start with. It covers an easy way to do searches, as well as basic and advanced searches,…

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Use These 5 Key Commissions Processes to Get Your Sales Team On-Track in 2020

Author: Bailey McCaffrey and David Kohari

Sales Operations must remain alert to keep up with the constant changes that businesses are experiencing in 2020. With the impact of COVID-19, many companies are having to make operational changes across their…

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Addressing the Impact of COVID-19 on Sales Compensation

Author: Bill Thane

The effects of COVID-19 on the business; including travel restrictions, loss of clients, and furloughs, have had a noticeable impact on sales. Unfortunately these disruptions will likely will continue well into…

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The Benefits of Using Compensation Tools

Author: Bailey McCaffrey

Sales Compensation tools can allow you to get more out of your sales team, ultimately helping you hit goals and align with company objectives. Read this blog to learn how a sales performance management (SPM) tool…

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3 Guidelines for Immediate Improvement in Virtual Meetings

Author: Rodney Ray

When was the last time you tuned out during an online or over-the-phone meeting? Whether any of us want to admit it or not, we have all been guilty of making up an answer on the spot because our minds were…

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Making Field Sellers Productive - Even When They are out of the Field

Author: John Bachman and Rick Roberts

There are times when your field sales team is unable to be in the field. Whatever the reason, the team being out of the field should not mean they’re on the bench. Sales can still be closed, lead generation efforts…

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Sales Motivation and SPM

Author: Tim Bensman

Author: Tim Bensman, Solution Architect Motivating sales reps is not always the easiest function of sales performance management (SPM). Goals can be the best ways to motivate your team. Read these best practices to…

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