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Webinar: Tips for a Seamless CRM Integration with your ICM Solution

Can you improve your sales profitability by integrating your ICM and CRM solutions?

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Webinar: Assessing your Readiness for a Performance Management Technology Solution

Join us for our third installment in our Performance Management webinar series on December 2nd  at 12PM CST / 1PM EST alongside Canidium Practice Lead and Performance Management Specialist, Chris Bohle. During the 30 minute webinar,  Bohle will discuss…

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Webinar: How to Harness the Power of Commissions

Commission plans can be a powerful tool  to motivate your sales force, but knowing how and when to use them most effectively  is just as important.  Join industry leader Elliot Scott on November 20th as he discusses how to best structure your commission…

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Webinar (UK): Hidden Benefits of UK Regulatory Compliance in the Commissions Process

Regulation has advanced noticeably since the 2008 financial crisis, however many regulatory details remain unresolved. To date, EMEA many compensation and incentive processes are not specifically covered under an act.

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Webinar: Make the Most of your Coaching Sessions

A contact center agent's growth is impacted with each coaching moment. Goal setting, prioritization and measurable follow-up all play into the success of each of these coaching moments. How can you best structure your coaching moments to ensure you have…

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Webinar: Is Your Sales Compensation Plan Obsolete?

Even the best designed compensation plans become obsolete over time. Businesses are dynamic and  if your sales compensation plan hasn't changed while your business has, there's a good chance that the design is no longer optimal. But how do you know if…

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Webinar: How to Leverage Key Performance Indicators to Motivate Agent Performance

The success of your contact center is placed in the hands of each individual agent's performance - so what can you do to better track and improve the right behaviors that will ultimately drive towards the overall organizational goals?

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Webinar: Improving Producer Compensation in the Medicare Market

Although highly regulated, there are still many complexities to paying producer compensation in the Medicare market. Many organizations struggle with manual and home grown solutions that ultimately do not deliver the full capabilities needed to support…

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