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Leadership plays major role in sales performance management

People in the work environment want to feel like their efforts are truly valued. This requires that leaders acknowledge their productivity and output, as well as providing critical feedback on how these performances impact the rest of the organization…

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Growing role of mobile options in sales talent management endeavors

The presence of new technology in the sales environment is making it easier for organizations to interact with consumers. These same tools also facilitate enhanced communication and collaboration throughout the enterprise landscape, allowing personnel to…

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Great learning opportunities for sales training and management

It's not every day that companies can tap into the minds of every employee and relate to their needs on a personal level. This kind of high-priority sales training mostly occurs when corporations have access to new training materials, coaching outlets…

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Webinar: Part 1 | To Effective SPM & Beyond! Quota and Territory Mgmt.

Please join us Wed. June 5, 1pm - 2pm CST for Part 1 of our series focusing on leveraging IBM Cognos ICM (formerly Varicent) to understand Quota & Territory Management features:

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Proper feedback fuels better business productivity

When it comes to getting the best out of every worker, leaders need to take into account the things that employees most enjoy. Incentive compensation management programs therefore should be outfitted with a bevy of reward strategies, including perks,…

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Motivating sales representatives to meet their quotas

An important aspect of sales performance management is ensuring that representatives are meeting their regular quotas. Supervisors have to set realistic goals for their staff members, but also ensure that agents are moving enough goods or services to…

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David Kohari Joins Canidium Leadership Team


Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) May 15, 2013 | Canidium, the leading provider of sales performance and incentive compensation management services, is excited to announce that David Kohari has joined as Vice President of Strategic Services and Customer…

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Improving sales performance management

Sales performance management is a dynamic task that requires constant adaptation. Supervisors must always seek ways to improve their on-the-job performances so they can be more effective leaders. Representatives rely on their superiors for guidance and…

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Sales coaching pushes possibilities into reality

Strengthening goals and improving sales figures is something that every organization would like to experience. While not every business will be able to achieve these results, sales coaching on a variety of different tactics and strategies can help…

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Offering money key to incentive success

Giving employees money for a job well done can be a much appreciated bonus. However, it may not have the long-lasting effect on a person's performance that other kinds of sales incentives might produce. Handing out bigger paychecks every now and again…

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