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Sales on track thanks to incentive compensation usage

The American automotive industry has seen its share of ups and downs over the last decade. Recent sales figures have shown that the market is making positive ground to catch up with the negative figures it saw for years, and certain factors in the…

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Incentive compensation issues need to focus on fairness

There are some personnel who may expect to always receive incentive compensation at the end of each year, regardless of their personal performances. For some businesses, the promise of these annual bonuses is the best way to attract and retain top talent…

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Making incentive compensation work for workers

There are plenty of times where personnel may look at their coworkers and feel they are not earning as much as they think they should be. In some cases, people might also perceive another staff member's efforts as less intense as their own, yet…

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Addressing corporate issues with better rewards

There are a number of substantial dangers and risks companies take every day to ensure that they come out on top of the competition. Each of these rolls of the dice occurs on a constant basis throughout corporate operations, including everything from…

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Fixing the sales incentive compensation equation

Giving people what they deserve takes on many guises, depending on what jobs they hold and the performances they provide. In some cases, top talent may be getting short-changed while underachievers receive more than they're worth. There need to be…

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Sales Compensation Analytics: The Next Big Thing, Again

Analytics is hot and growing hotter.  More specifically it can revolutionize the way you make decisions, which could make you and your company more successful.  Analytics is the Holy Grail of Sales Performance Management.  If you work in the realm of SPM…

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