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Online innovator chooses Xactly web service for world-class support

Making the most of employees means giving them the best tools and guidance to do their jobs. Putting them in an office space with no direction sets both these workers and the company they represent up for failure. Though the example may sound extreme,…

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Sales coaching needs to take on personal perspective

As the American economy continues to fluctuate, finding ways to encourage better revenue and customer interactions are important aspects of any success-driven organization. Coming up with plans to improve performance should include sales coaching

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How automating the sales cycle leads to new success

Successful sales performance management helps companies reach unprecedented heights by streamlining everyday processes and increasing efficiency. A sale isn't a quick agreement between a representative and a client - there are multiple points of contact…

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Has the internet displaced face-to-face sales meetings?

Adoption is a vital part of sales performance management (SPM). Managers must learn how to change as new tools become available and trends affect the marketplace. Vendors that fail to modify their strategies and systems to outside forces will be…

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Fostering teamwork with sales incentives and resources

Salespeople often thrive when they work as a team. A strong group knows how to play to each member's strengths and land major clients by working in harmony. Teams don't come together overnight, however - it can take weeks before individual…

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7 Fatal Mistakes of SPM Vendor Selection

There are a lot of factors to consider when embarking on a Sales Performance Management (SPM) vendor evaluation. Some may be obvious and others hidden. After many years of assisting organizations through this arduous process, we have been able to…

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Overcoming technological challenges within the sales process

Technology is altering the way that companies interact with their clients. Social media channels, video chat and email make it easier to communicate over large distances, which is why businesses are moving to implement more technology in their sales…

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Innovative Insurance Partners upgrades to dedicated ICM software

Incentive compensation management (ICM) serves a variety of purposes - it can help sales organizations set goals, manage a variety of territories, monitor sales activity, improve performance, simplify and expedite compensation calculation and otherwise…

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SPM market continues to grow, highlighting value of software

Sales performance management (SPM) tools are no longer solutions that only the largest of companies with the biggest budgets can afford. SPM vendors, such as Xactly and CallidusCloud, have continued to develop their products over the years, making them…

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Winning your time back with sales quote software

For many businesses, the sales quote is a pivotal part in the process of acquiring clients and converting leads. The quote can be the make-or-break moment in the sales cycle, with well-crafted quotes securing success, while irrelevant and poorly formed…

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