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Real motivation needs better sales incentive compensation

Giving people money sounds like a good solution for some companies that want their personnel to feel more motivated. This simple function gives employees a one-shot reward for effort and diligence, as well as forcing them to work harder to receive these…

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How technology figures into a company's compensation strategy

When it comes to coaching the performance of a sales team, technology figures heavily into the incentives and compensation aspect.

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Managing Incentive Compensation Plans

What are some problems when it comes to managing incentive compensation plans for sales professionals?

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Giving people better rewards facilitates sales incentive compensation programs

It makes sense that when people feel motivated to work, they're likely to give better performances. Generating superior acceptance of these programs remains the only problem that many organizations face, as simply implementing a sales compensation plan…

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Improve employee retention rates with sales incentive management

It's important that businesses give their employees the tools and resources they need in order to be most effective at their jobs. At the same time, companies need to encourage their staff to come up with new and innovative ideas as to what other kinds…

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The cost of sales compensation

Compensation is the strongest motivator for encouraging representatives to close new deals and retain their top buyers. However, it seems that many sales performance management officials are struggling to keep wages at sustainable levels. According to

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Igniting employee passions facilitated by incentive compensation

Business leaders are currently facing an economic landscape where making dramatic financial acquisitions may still not be the most favored position. On the other hand, the market in some industries seems ripe for expansion. Finding a balance between…

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Medical sales incentives could help control costs

There have been a number of changes in the medical landscape over the last few years. Increases in HIPAA standards, more technological mandates and heightened security requirements are creating a complex and expensive landscape for businesses to try and…

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Monetary rewards still a major player in incentive compensation

Offering people money as a way of encouraging them to perform to a higher standard is one of the classic methods of incentive compensation motivation. Handing out financial benefits is a good way of getting a basic response from employees, and sometimes…

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Companies need better management to promote performance

There are a huge number of transactions occurring within corporate infrastructure every day. Keeping track of all this money can be difficult for some firms, but management software and financial tools are at the ready to sort out the most complex of…

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