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Callidus brings more mobility to major insurance provider

The healthcare industry has seen a multitude of federal mandates requiring more mobility and flexibility in the way its information is moved and stored. These necessary changes have resulted in an enhanced interest in the cloud and remote accessibility…

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Offering money key to incentive success

Giving employees money for a job well done can be a much appreciated bonus. However, it may not have the long-lasting effect on a person's performance that other kinds of sales incentives might produce. Handing out bigger paychecks every now and again…

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Incentives help boost performance in variety of sectors

From the biggest enterprise to the smallest at-home business, having set goals can help motivate individuals to do better, but offering sales incentives can seal the deal. Rather than just telling people to perform to a certain standard, rewarding…

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Keeping medical personnel engaged in a difficult market

The last few years have been hard on every industry, and even sectors like healthcare have seen their ups and downs. For sales representatives, not every office visit has been as successful or lucrative as it once was. Finding ways to push sales…

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3 different incentive compensation management plans

Every vendor has a different strategy for incentive compensation management. For some businesses, quotas and commissions are the best tools, while other companies prefer to use flat salaries. Managers must tailor their compensation solutions to ensure…

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Setting up short- and long-term sales incentives

Effective incentive compensation management ensures that sales agents are consistently motivated to generate leads and find new buyers. Unfortunately, many representatives have found ways to exploit the rewards system so that they do not have to work for…

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Divide sales on-boarding into segments

Sales on-boarding can be a daunting process for trainers and new representatives. During training, managers have to spend time away from their regular responsibilities while they teach recently hired employees how to complete basic tasks. The amount of…

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Synygy debuts new data management tool

Synygy recently debuted a new sales performance management (SPM) tool to help vendors go mobile. The software developer unveiled a data management application that is optimized for tablets and other mobile devices. The program is the latest addition to…

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How to implement gamification techniques in sales

Gamification is a popular technique in every industry, and its prevalence is expected to continue to increase. According to Gartner, 70 percent of businesses will have at least one corporate game by 2014. The growing popularity demonstrates that many…

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Xactly helping company expand globally

Companies are increasingly turning to incentive compensation management (ICM) software to streamline commission payments for representatives. Many enterprises implement the tool when they have plans for global expansion in the near future. For instance,…

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