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Cloud programs simplify incentive compensation management

The faster sales incentives are paid out, the better it is for employee morale. Sales is a fast-paced game, and representatives expect their companies to move quickly when it comes to compensation. Agents become disgruntled when their checks are tied up…

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Three incentive models for recurring business

Loyal clients are the backbone of every company's continued success. It's more cost-effective for sales representatives to work with returning customers rather than generate leads and initiate new transactions. As a result, managers must develop

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More companies using sales incentives

Sales agents face an uphill battle when it comes to moving products and services in a down market. As the economy continues to slowly inch toward pre-recession levels, consumers have become increasingly frugal. Managers have had to develop new strategies…

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Successful sales management in 2013

For many businesses, 2012 may have not marked a full return to pre-recession operations, but it was a significant step in the right direction. Now, several signs (ranging from improving unemployment rates to business owner confidence) suggest the current…

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Using ICM and SPM for territory management

For ages, companies have perceived countries as a collection of different markets or regions. These territories start large from the outset, and a young company just getting its feet wet might have two sales representatives that split the United States…

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The importance of sales compensation planning

One of the leading challenges of managing a successful sales department is compensation planning. Businesses can't just pull numbers out of a hat and expect their salespeople to sell the products and services and hit quotas. Compensation is an important…

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Key incentive motivators and rallying sales teams around them

Self-motivation is an important attribute for any salesperson. When the going gets tough, they need to be able to challenge themselves to see sales through. Of course, external motivators can also help agents press on, and there are a number of ways…

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The challenges that businesses face when implementing ICM

Compensation calculation, streamlining workflow, generating performance reports, monitoring sales activity, managing various territories, establishing and aligning sales teams with company goals - these are all crucial tasks to operating a successful…

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Taking a look at the various compensation models

In the sales industry, commissions and compensation models are some of the leading drivers that encourage agents and representatives to not only hit their quotas, but go above and beyond them. The more lucrative commissions are, the harder they will work…

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Mobile app developer turns to incentive compensation management

Much as the smartphone industry is, Boston-based mobile app developer Apperian is growing rapidly due to an influx of new clients and customers. While the company already had a basic compensation system in place, its rapid expansion has made it…

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