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More businesses offering alternative incentives

Whether the economy is on an upswing or in decline has a major impact on the kind of incentive compensation that firms want to offer. Even personnel at the highest levels of an organization can see significant shifts in the ways they're paid and rewarded…

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Assessing compensation plans ensures they're actually effective

It's easy to put a solution to work within the constructs of an organization, yet simply deploying certain options doesn't ensure that systems are functioning properly. Having the ability to look through corporate software and see where things are going…

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How fair are your compensation solutions?

Companies try to offer their personnel the incentives and bonuses they feel or see generate the best responses. These options may include salary hikes, one-time payouts, physical compensation or wellness programs, among other benefits. Determining the…

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Why gamification will grow in 2013

Gamification has steadily become one of the most effective sales performance management (SPM) techniques. The process involves tying popular game mechanics like rankings and points to selling merchandise or services. Managers now view gamification as a…

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