Software company integrates Xactly to expedite sales commission processes

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Author: Lizzy Wolff

Asure Software, an Austin, Texas-based provider of workplace management software, recently made the decision to implement Xactly Express as a means of improving both the accuracy and speed of its sales commission processes. The software solution will also be used as a means to give Asure's 20 sales representatives the real-time data and visibility they need to better sell the company's products.

Asure's software has proven to be very popular, with more than 11,000 clients deploying the company's cloud-based workplace management solutions. The integration of Xactly Express should help the company better track these sales and establish fair and effective compensation solutions for its salespeople.

Asure made the switch to Xactly in May, and the benefits were noted almost immediately. For example, commissions processing - a task that previously took more than five hours per month - was cut down to a mere 35 minutes. Additionally, Asure was able to leverage Xactly to eliminate the manual task of creating and emailing sales representative commission statements - another process that took upward of five hours per month.

"As the company continued to expand, so did the complexity of our compensation plans and processes," said Stephanie Vannapha, business operations analyst at Asure Software. "In addition to reducing errors, we needed a flexible system that would enable us to move with the changing dynamics of our business."

"No one expected that the deployment of Express could have gone so smoothly or quickly," added Vannapha.

Incentive compensation management and the business benefits it


Incentive compensation management (ICM) software, such as Xactly, can provide a number of benefits to companies that integrate it. As Asure found, it can be used to automate and expedite a number of time-consuming procedures, ranging from report generation to general processing.

For sales managers, ICM software can significantly ease their workload and prevent a number of headaches from occurring. Late or incorrect bonus payouts can have a number of negative effects on the workplace environment, such as employee discontent and high turnover rates - two factors that could lead to reduced revenue.

Asure isn't the only company integrating ICM platforms to help with compensation payouts. Ariba, another software developer, recently implemented a third-party ICM solution to replace a homegrown application. The change helped the company realize several time benefits, according to Tech Target.