Key Project Team Members for a Successful Xactly Implementation

Key Project Team Members for a Successful Xactly Implementation

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Author: Lizzy Wolff

Do you remember having to do group projects in school? Were you one of those who preferred to work alone? You might have grumbled that group projects don't prepare you for life.

We hope you paid attention because it's about to pay off big time if you did.

Implementing Xactly can revolutionize your sales process. It simplifies compensation, energizes teams, and aligns efforts with company objectives.

But a successful Xactly implementation requires a well-coordinated effort involving several key individuals within your organization. It is the ultimate group project.

In this article, we will explore the people who should be involved in an Xactly implementation to ensure its success.


Who in my organization needs to be involved in Xactly implementation?


Executive Leadership

To begin the implementation process of Xactly, it is essential to have the support of the executive leadership. The top-level management, including the CEO, CFO, and other key decision-makers, should comprehend the strategic significance of Xactly and how it aligns with the company's objectives. They play an essential role in securing the necessary budget resources and setting the direction for the implementation.


Finance Team

The finance team, headed by the CFO, plays a central role in implementing Xactly. They are responsible for setting up and overseeing the compensation plans, ensuring they comply with industry standards and regulations. Additionally, they must work hand in hand with Xactly to integrate the system with their financial processes, including payroll and accounting.


Sales Operations

The team in charge of sales operations is responsible for creating and overseeing sales compensation plans that Xactly will automate. Their role is critical in ensuring the plans are fair, motivational, and aligned with the company's objectives. Sales operations professionals work closely with the finance team and later in the process will be brought in to test sales compensation plans.


IT Department

Your IT department holds the responsibility for the technical aspects of implementing Xactly. This includes integrating Xactly with CRM software, ERP, and HR systems. The IT team is also accountable for data security and ensuring the stability and performance of the system.


HR Department

The Human Resources department oversees onboarding, training, and supporting the sales team as they transition to using Xactly. They also help with data input and management of user-profiles and permissions. Additionally, HR can assist in change management, ensuring that the organization adapts smoothly to the new compensation processes.


Sales Team

To better understand the practical challenges and needs of the Xactly system, it is essential to involve your sales team in the implementation process and gather their feedback. After all, the end-users of Xactly are your salespeople. Their input is invaluable in fine-tuning the approach and ensuring it aligns with their daily routines and expectations.


Software Implementation (SI) Partner

A software implementation partner plays a pivotal role in the success of an Xactly implementation. These expert partners bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, helping organizations navigate the complexities of setting up and customizing the Xactly platform. 

SI partners will:

  • Work closely with your internal teams to understand your organization's unique needs and objectives, offering tailored solutions that maximize the value of Xactly
  • Assist in system configuration, data migration, and integration with other software systems
  • Ensure that best practices are followed throughout the implementation process
  • Troubleshoot and provide ongoing support

SI partners are indispensable in delivering a seamless, efficient, and optimized Xactly implementation that aligns precisely with your compensation management requirements.


Software implementation is a group effort.

An Xactly implementation is a significant project that requires collaboration from various departments within your organization. 

Each of these key players has a unique role to play in ensuring the success of the implementation, from the leadership team that sets the strategic vision to the sales team that interacts with the system daily. Working together, they can help your organization harness the power of Xactly to drive sales performance and achieve your business objectives.

Big apologies to all of the lone wolves out there. Xactly implementation is a team effort. But at least there are no dioramas. 


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