The benefits of automated sales rep ranking reports

The benefits of automated sales rep ranking reports

The benefits of automated sales rep ranking reports

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Author: Matt Hausbeck

Author: Matt Hausbeck, Senior Consultant

Canidium is the leading sales performance, incentive compensation, and sales process optimization consultancy. They have been a leading partner of Xactly for seven years, and have a dedicated, Xactly-certified team. Strategic, technical, and managed services are components of an integrated portfolio that helps their customers achieve their corporate goals and objectives optimizing their sales performance and process improvements.

If you're in sales, you likely learned on your first day with just a glance that your peers are all very competitive by nature. For the most successful sales reps, it's not just about compensation - it's also about having others see their name atop the list of reps within the organization. Ranking reports not only let reps know where they stand, but also creates friendly competition. Whether it's to climb the list, edge-out first place, or to remain the leader, automated ranking reports motivate reps to sell more.  

Using Xactly's Ranking Report Pods to rank the performance of your sales team can greatly influence their productivity and increase ROI for your tool. Providing this report is a best practice, and consistency is key! Publishing the ranking reports manually and on an infrequent basis could be limiting the value of your tool.

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So what are the benefits of automatically published ranking reports?



Decrease Administrative Overhead

Manually publishing ranking reports takes time out of your day, especially if you’re publishing reports frequently. For example, spending 5 minutes per day manually publishing reports means your spending up to 21 hours per year! Setting up automation takes 5 minutes, and you will not have to manually publish again.


Untitled-2Publish Rankings Hourly

If you’re publishing your ranking reports weekly, monthly or even quarterly, you may be limiting the potential of your reps! A rep who falls out of the top rankings will want to know as soon as it happens, so why wait until the end of the month to let him know? Automating report publishing will let your reps know within the next hour of when their deal loads into the tool, so reps can get on the phone and contend for the top ranking.


Untitled-3Improve End User Experience

Publishing your ranking reports less frequently than you’re loading data will cause your reports to become out of sync. Accurate reporting data reflected in a timely manner encourages trust in the reports, which encourages your reps to use the tool more frequently.




Automating these reports is simple, and can be done in just a few minutes. For a step-by-step guide on how to automate ranking reports, click here.

 Canidium has an Xactly-certified team that is dedicated to our Xactly practice, and is ready to help you realize the ROI that you can get out of your solution! Learn more at!

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