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What can you do with Xactly's eDocs & Approvals™?


Author: Amy Eames, Senior Consultant

Canidium is the leading sales performance, incentive compensation, and sales process optimization consultancy. They have been a leading partner of Xactly for seven years, and have a dedicated, Xactly-certified team. Strategic, technical, and managed services are components of an integrated portfolio that helps their customers achieve their corporate goals and objectives optimizing their sales performance and process improvements.

Using Xactly's eDocs & Approvals™ to send documents can greatly improve the user experience for both your sales team and your administrators. The ability to customize document approvals and messages eliminates confusion for your sales representatives and managers, optimizing the process and making it much more efficient, with less hiccups! Creating specific routing lists and saved searches will streamline the process for your administrators. Below, we explore four ways you should be leveraging Xactly's eDocs & Approvals™, and how to get more ROI out of your Xactly solution! 

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Canidium's consultants can easily implement the eDocs & Approvals™ module in your Xactly configuration. We will work with you to understand your approval process and create workflows that are compliant with your needs. In addition to creating a workflow, we will create routing lists that you may use to send your documents to your sales organization. To make sure your users understand what they’re receiving, our team will customize your notification messages. Finally, our team will work with your administrators to create saved searches that may be used to track your documents.

We have an Xactly-certified team that is dedicated to our Xactly practice, and is ready to help you realize the ROI that you can get out of your solution! Learn more at canidium.com/xactly!

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