Xactly Unleashed - 5 Break Out Sessions You Should Attend!

Xactly Unleashed - 5 Break Out Sessions You Should Attend!

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Author: Tim Bensman

To say things have changed since the last Xactly Unleashed event is an understatement! We all live in a completely changed world. The need to reconnect and partner with each other is more important than ever. Our team at Canidium is ready to bring our passion for SPM into the virtual world. 

Xactly Unleashed this year will be a great opportunity to learn more about all things Xactly from the comfort and safety of our homes. This year attendance is free! You can register for the event by clicking here

Xactly has put out an agenda for the event, which you can view by clicking here

I am eyeing some good opportunities for customers and partners!

Here are the five breakouts I am excited about:

#1 “Always Be Prepared” -- 10:30am

Covid-19 has completely upended our plans. We now must react to a changing landscape with many moving pieces. I’m looking forward to this session to talk about the changes companies are making related to Quota and Territory Optimization in light our new business climate.

#2 “Why Xactly, Why Now” -- 11:00am

This session is for folks thinking about becoming customers of Xactly. Implementing Incent can be so powerful for a business and I’m always interested to hear from customers who are in the early stages of their journey. If you aren’t a current customer of Xactly, but are attending Unleashed, make sure this session is circled on your agenda!

#3 “Behind the Curtain: Admin Secrets, Tips & Tricks for SimplyComp” -- 11:30am

SimplyComp is a relatively new offering from Xactly that targets smaller sized businesses. I’ve been particularly impressed by the slick UI and ease of use. I’m excited to dive a little deeper and get more insight into some potential tips and tricks related to the tool.

#4 “The Sales Cockpit: Reimagining Sales Leaders’ Source of Truth” -- 12:00pm

Part of the value proposition of Xactly is the benefit of gathering actionable data. Through Xactly Insights, sales leaders are provided a wealth of information. However, it can be difficult to separate the signal from the noise. I’m looking forward to hearing about all best practices when it comes to Xactly Insights

#5 “Keep Distributed Teams of Track: Introducing Xactly Show me and Forms -- 12:30pm

Xactly is consistently rolling out new modules and features. Xactly Show Me and Xactly Forms are two new game changing upgrades. I’m excited to see them in action and to learn all about features and benefits. 

BONUS: Partner Pavilion -- All day

Come visit the Virtual Partner Pavilion. Canidium will be there at our virtual “booth” and ready to talk all things Xactly! Canidium will be showing demos, available for live-chats, and will also have digital takeaways! If you’re looking to learn more about Xactly Incent, Xactly Connect, SimplyComp, our experts are ready to help!

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