Xactly Connect Terminology

Xactly Connect Terminology

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Author: Chris Pickens and Chrissy Johnson

Xactly Connect is Xactly's ETL (Extract Transform Load) tool that helps you optimize your Xactly solution. Connect gives administrations the ability to create Incent orders from external data sources. Connect also allows admins to perform useful automated processes to Incent, with or without their interaction.

Sales organizations often use Connect to handle repetitive tasks (such as loading order data and calculating incentives) in place of admins spending their time on tedious and time-consuming tasks. This allows admins to focus their valuable time on other important tasks. If you are currently using Connect and don’t feel like you are getting the most out of it, reach out to our team to learn how Canidium can help optimize Xactly Connect to fit your needs. 

Reach Out To Our Team

The best part about Connect is it is typically free with an Incent license. However, we recommend hiring an expert to enable your Connect solution, which can take time and resources. 

Here is a list of important terms to know when using Xactly Connect.