Why Andy Varey is Excited for Xactly Unleashed London

Why Andy Varey is Excited for Xactly Unleashed London

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Author: Andy Varey

Andy Varey is the Xactly Practice Lead at Canidium, a leading sales operations and performance management consultancy. On the 21st and 22nd of October, Andy will be attending Xactly Unleashed Europe in his home country, the United Kingdom.

Xactly Unleashed is a sales performance management summit designed to help organizations improve strategy, find best practices, and learn about the technology needed to “unleash” their sales potential and inspire high performance.

We wanted to hear from Andy about why he will be attending Xactly Unleashed Europe.

Why are you attending Xactly Unleashed Europe? 

Andy: I have been working within the Xactly practice at Canidium since 2014 and am a platinum-certified Xactly partner. Xactly is a market leader for commissions and compensation and therefore have a lot to bring to the table when it comes to best practices and strategy, there is always something new to learn! I will also be in attendance to help answer questions that may arise about the solution for any Xactly customers or prospects. The conference will be an amazing networking opportunity and is practically in my backyard, I wouldn’t miss it!

What is your history with Xactly?

Andy: I’m the Xactly practice lead at Canidium, and have been working with the solution for 6 years. Prior to Canidium, I worked with NICE Systems and Merced Systems (both in the performance management space), and did work with Siemens, Oracle, and SunSystems as well. You could say I have some experience with incentive compensation management - I’ve been doing this for 20 years! 

Have you attended an Xactly conference in the past? 

Andy: In June I was lucky enough to travel to San Francisco for Xactly Unleashed, where Canidium were platinum partners for the event. The conference was engaging and provided a large amount of thought leadership about the industry and about their solution. When I found out Xactly would be hosting Unleashed in London, I knew I would be in attendance because the conference was absolutely worth the time. In earlier years, I’ve attended Xactly CompCloud in the US, UK and Germany.

What are you most excited about at Xactly Unleashed London?

Andy: Although there are many things I am excited about, I am most looking forward to Xactly Unleashed London because of the opportunity it has provided me to meet people who are close by and passionate about compensation management. The Xactly Loves Me Party will be hosted on the evening of Oct. 22 and is such a great opportunity to network and meet other compensation professionals. This was my favorite part of the event in San Francisco, and I can only imagine it will be just as great in London!

So, why choose Canidium?

Canidium, is a leading sales performance management Consultancy and Xactly Partner. Canidium has 100% Xactly certified consultants, having built a leading partnership with Xactly over the last eight years. Canidium has completed 300+ engagements with Xactly’s solutions like Incent™, Connect™, Analytics™and Plan Illustrator™ and has a multitude of repeat and referenceable customers. On average we’ve decreased the amount of time that stands between customers and their solution (the sales cycle) by an average of 45 days, helping them speed to increased sales and revenue. We’ve helped our Xactly customers achieve quantifiable benefits like 90%+ reduction in compensation processing time and 50%+ improvements in the efficiency of the administrative staff supporting these processes. Currently, 25% of our customers are choosing to use our managed services after their implementation, proving trust within our client base. We have global teams, with multilingual consultants. Our nearly 100% growth rate in Q1 and Q2 of 2019 also demonstrates the high demand for our services.


If you are also attending Xactly Unleashed Europe and would like to get in contact with Andy, please send him an email at andyvarey@canidium.com. Find out more about Canidium and our Xactly  practice at canidium.com/xactly.


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