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Sales performance management takes off with technology resources

Making the most of sales staff requires that organizations have the best in class tools to facilitate enterprise operations. It's easy for organizations to put people to work without always considering the greatest ways to implement workforce, so trying…

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How technology figures into a company's compensation strategy

When it comes to coaching the performance of a sales team, technology figures heavily into the incentives and compensation aspect.

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Companies need better management to promote performance

There are a huge number of transactions occurring within corporate infrastructure every day. Keeping track of all this money can be difficult for some firms, but management software and financial tools are at the ready to sort out the most complex of…

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Technology shifting focus to inside sales

The role of the salesman is changing. New technology, shifts in consumer behavior and increasing competition have led to the creation of large inside sales forces. A study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and SungKyunKwan University…

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Overcoming technological challenges within the sales process

Technology is altering the way that companies interact with their clients. Social media channels, video chat and email make it easier to communicate over large distances, which is why businesses are moving to implement more technology in their sales…

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Technology plays a pivotal role in improving compensation plan development

It might sound obvious, but the key to a successful sales department is the management of talent. With this in mind, many companies have placed a greater emphasis on the development of incentive compensation plans. The rationale is that by making complex…

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