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How to retarget sales coaching for selling success

The sales strategies of yesterday stand no chance in the modern business landscape. It's time for leaderships to recognize that what they've been doing for years to try and lure customers, retain shoppers and improve client services may not be effective…

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Generating success through sales coaching opportunities

Expanding leadership mindsets with sales coaching opportunities. Employees need the right kinds of management and guidance, but more than that, the people in charge of those individuals must have outlets for learning skills and improving their oversight…

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Targeted sales coaching sets staff up for greater success

Everyone needs to have basic skills in the workplace that allow them to appropriately interact with HCM solutions, time and attendance software, general customer service software and enterprise-wide systems. However, there are advanced training courses…

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Accurately forecasting sales

Forecasting revenue is a massive component of sales performance management (SPM), and plays a sizable role in plan design. Accurate projections help supervisors assess a vendor's needs and tailor strategies for future sales. The figures are mostly…

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Effective sales on-boarding leads to unprecedented success

The sales on-boarding process can be difficult for new hires who don't receive proper instruction. Managers must guide their personnel through training to ensure that the agents can contribute to the company's goals.

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Gamification can lead to new success

Sales is one of the most competitive fields in every industry. Businesses constantly seek new clients and try to lure customers away from competitors, while representatives are always jockeying for the top spot within their organizations.

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4 traits of highly-effective sales managers

Sales performance management (SPM) is a herculean task that requires considerable interpersonal skills and patience. An effective manager can help staffers process an increased number of transactions and build better rapport with loyal clients and…

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Successful sales management in 2013

For many businesses, 2012 may have not marked a full return to pre-recession operations, but it was a significant step in the right direction. Now, several signs (ranging from improving unemployment rates to business owner confidence) suggest the current…

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On-boarding process essential to ecommerce success

Consumers are increasingly comfortable with completing transactions online. On Cyber Monday, online sales increased by 25.6 percent from last year, according to IBM. Many of these transactions were from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, as…

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Creating loyalty at every step of the sales process

Repeat customers provide the steady revenue organizations need to sustain growth. Expanding the pool of loyal promoters makes it possible for businesses to capitalize on effective social media marketing campaigns to generate more leads and reach a wider…

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