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Determine a sales strategy

People who are new to sales, or to a company's sales strategy, typically have a difficult time navigating their way around. They tend to start out by putting their toe in the water to test it at first. But what happens if two weeks later, those sales…

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How technology figures into a company's compensation strategy

When it comes to coaching the performance of a sales team, technology figures heavily into the incentives and compensation aspect.

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Strategy 1: Aligning Behaviors with Business Strategy

When you look at corporate strategy, you basically have a group of people that has a vision - whether it's to increase growth and revenue, maximize profit or enhance product lines - for their business. So it's important for the company to understand KPIs…

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Sales strategies for a down market

Sales performance management (SPM) is a difficult task that's only exacerbated by a down market. While the economy has made significant strides toward a sustainable recovery, there's still a great deal of progress to be made before pre-recession numbers…

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