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Share the Joy (or beneficially commiserate)

Are you part of an active user community for your SPM software? If not, you should be. The benefits can be immense. Some of things you might gain include:

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What's in a name?

As humans, and if you're reading this you most certainly are a human, we have a biological need to name everything around us. Whether it's insects, rocks, cloud formations or psychological disorders it needs to have a name. In fact, upon encountering a…

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Compensating for the Recession

The economy is in a state we haven't seen for a very long time. Every segment is affected; every number is down. Imports, exports, manufacturing, retail, finance, and housing are all feeling the pain. This probably isn't the greatest time to be a sales…

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What's Your Magic Number?

Some time ago I read an article by Inc. columnist, Norm Brodsky, discussing unique indicators or as he dubbed them, magic numbers. Magic numbers are described as particular statistics discovered by business operators to have special correlations that can…

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Analytics: You absolutely must have it, now tell me what it is

Analytics can save the world.  More specifically it can revolutionize the way you do business, which could at least save your world.  Analytics is the Holy Grail of Sales Performance Management.  If you work with SPM you already know that because the…

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Beware of unneeded system flexibility

Software package implementation including EIM/SPM software can be a complex process and many projects are not successfully delivered or are done so over budget. One issue that often causes trouble on projects is the introduction of functional flexibility…

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EIM / SPM system upgrade: port or reengineer

Many of the software companies in the enterprise incentive management (EIM) / sales performance management (SPM) space have several major releases of their flagship software behind them and their support for older versions may be waning. The latest…

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