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Callidus forges strong partnership with salesforce innovations

Companies want to make sure that their employees are doing the best job possible every time they start their workdays. That means providing them with the right tools to facilitate easy completion of these tasks. Offering solutions that only serve to…

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Effective sales performance management can bolster employee retention

Successful sales performance management ensures that representatives are fully engaged with their work. While it is impossible to keep employees completely happy, supervisors must ensure that staff members are satisfied in their current roles. Agents who…

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Setting up short- and long-term sales incentives

Effective incentive compensation management ensures that sales agents are consistently motivated to generate leads and find new buyers. Unfortunately, many representatives have found ways to exploit the rewards system so that they do not have to work for…

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Divide sales on-boarding into segments

Sales on-boarding can be a daunting process for trainers and new representatives. During training, managers have to spend time away from their regular responsibilities while they teach recently hired employees how to complete basic tasks. The amount of…

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Ensure sales incentives motivate the correct behaviors

Sales incentives are meant to reinforce excellent work ethic in employees. Rewards, both monetary and otherwise, motivate representatives to sell more goods or services and work toward their company's objectives. All incentive programs are designed with…

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Cloud Experts Simplify a Complex Idea

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