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Improving sales performance management

Sales performance management is a dynamic task that requires constant adaptation. Supervisors must always seek ways to improve their on-the-job performances so they can be more effective leaders. Representatives rely on their superiors for guidance and…

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Setting up short- and long-term sales incentives

Effective incentive compensation management ensures that sales agents are consistently motivated to generate leads and find new buyers. Unfortunately, many representatives have found ways to exploit the rewards system so that they do not have to work for…

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How automating the sales cycle leads to new success

Successful sales performance management helps companies reach unprecedented heights by streamlining everyday processes and increasing efficiency. A sale isn't a quick agreement between a representative and a client - there are multiple points of contact…

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Accurately forecasting sales

Forecasting revenue is a massive component of sales performance management (SPM), and plays a sizable role in plan design. Accurate projections help supervisors assess a vendor's needs and tailor strategies for future sales. The figures are mostly…

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Xactly helping company expand globally

Companies are increasingly turning to incentive compensation management (ICM) software to streamline commission payments for representatives. Many enterprises implement the tool when they have plans for global expansion in the near future. For instance,…

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