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3 different incentive compensation management plans

Every vendor has a different strategy for incentive compensation management. For some businesses, quotas and commissions are the best tools, while other companies prefer to use flat salaries. Managers must tailor their compensation solutions to ensure…

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Coaching salespeople with different personalities

Sales refers to a specific job that entails communicating and converting potential leads into paying customers. However, the job is actually highly varied in terms of how it's approach and it isn't unusual to see agents leverage a variety of tactics and…

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Improving transparency with salespeople

There are a number of ways that salespeople motivate themselves to keep pushing past quotas, but perhaps the most effective method of instigating this feeling is by showing agents how much money they are making. When representatives are paid based on…

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Assessing the needs of your salespeople

Employees all have different needs based on their innate talents and past experiences. When you're contemplating using sales coaching to improve the performance of your sales team, it's crucial you realize that training initiatives will have a different…

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Creating a more effective sales engine

Sales is core to many business objectives, helping companies gain more awareness, engage existing customers, generate new leads and improve their bottom lines. That said, business owners frequently want to get even more out of their sales departments, as…

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How to keep your salespeople hungry like the wolf

Sales requires a certain type of individual - someone with a go-getter attitude that's fueled by adversity and challenge. While much of this attitude is something that must come directly from the salesperson, companies can encourage this proactive…

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Trend identification is key to sales strategy success

Sales tends to be a numbers-driven process. How many leads can a salesperson generate? How many of those leads can be converted? How much revenue can they drive for the company? This mindset may lead to the creation of a short-term mentality among sales…

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