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Separate and not equal: Why sales teams need specific compensation packages

As much as companies would like every member of their sales teams to be driving revenue and really moving the needle, the fact of the matter is that some people are just better at selling a business' products and services than others.

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Designing an effective incentive plan

It's important to keep sales teams motivated, especially during times in which a company relies on these individuals to drive additional revenue. That said, it's a critical mistake to get overzealous and spend too much on incentive compensation programs.…

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Trend identification is key to sales strategy success

Sales tends to be a numbers-driven process. How many leads can a salesperson generate? How many of those leads can be converted? How much revenue can they drive for the company? This mindset may lead to the creation of a short-term mentality among sales…

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Training to perfection: The value of sales coaching

One of the top concerns facing businesses in 2012 is talent. According to the Federal Reserve, the economy is improving and will grow between 2.4 and 2.9 percent this year, which means companies may have a better time hiring employees, particularly those…

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Sales Compensation Analytics: The Next Big Thing, Again

Analytics is hot and growing hotter.  More specifically it can revolutionize the way you make decisions, which could make you and your company more successful.  Analytics is the Holy Grail of Sales Performance Management.  If you work in the realm of SPM…

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Compensation Gourmet

As is the case in most American households, we tend to watch a lot of shows about food. My better half is a borderline fanatic. She records the Iron Chef, Last Cake Standing and Chopped with religious fervor. I usually end up watching unintentionally,…

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Living by Numbers in SPM

An article in the July 2009 issue of Wired magazine describes the growing popularity of a running training aid system from Nike. The system, called Nike+ (wiki page here) consists of an electronic sensor that attaches to a runner's shoe; the sensor…

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This Seems Complicated

In fact, all of these items are likely to affect the performance of your sales force. A recent Scientific American article by Wray Herbert describes a concept related to our brains' processing. Herbert discusses the possibility that how a task is…

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What's Your Magic Number?

Some time ago I read an article by Inc. columnist, Norm Brodsky, discussing unique indicators or as he dubbed them, magic numbers. Magic numbers are described as particular statistics discovered by business operators to have special correlations that can…

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