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Three tips for improving sales compensation plans

Sales compensation management and commissions plans should not be stagnant or set in stone on a yearly basis.

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Creating an equal sales department

Equality is often toted as a given for work environments. Companies are quick to note that they are "equal opportunity employers" and say they offer equal promotions and performance advancements to everyone.

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Avoid overpayment with incentive compensation management software

Companies looking to save money where they can often make changes to the way they do business. Whether they are switching suppliers or implementing new tools and technology to bolster efficiency, the focus is now on reducing costs throughout every…

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Sales management among small businesses

Every company, regardless of size, wants to generate more sales. For companies with more resources, this isn't a difficult task - they can invest in the tools and programs to bolster their sales departments. Small businesses, on the other hand, have less…

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Resilience is a key sales trait

It takes a specific set of skills and personality traits to be a successful salesperson, but if there is one characteristic that every agent needs, it's resilience. While some people may face adversity and think to themselves, "That didn't work last…

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Canidum discusses the key components of Sales Performance Management

Canidum discusses the key components of Sales Performance Management, where the industry has evolved from, and puts emphasis on sales coaching. This video is taken from Canidium's key note presentation at the CallidusCloud c3 conference.

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Leveraging the cloud to ramp up sales productivity

"The cloud" is quickly becoming a buzzword that's making its way around virtually every corporate boardroom as a strategy for minimizing costs. A variety of important functions can be shifted to the cloud, ranging from data storage to sales, and it…

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Knowing when to ramp up investments in sales

More sales is almost always better, but there are certain times during which investing in sales has a greater impact on the success of a company. Learning when to invest heavily in sales and when to focus on other areas of business is a crucial element…

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Choosing the right incentives for your sales team

When it comes to sales, incentives are crucial - they keep representatives motivated and striving to bring in more revenue. Clearly noted incentive programs and compensation plans are critical to maintaining motivation and production, while poorly…

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The difference between getting bigger and better

Efficiency and productivity are two metrics by which most sales departments measure their success. However, it's important to keep these in perspective to scalability, especially with companies experiencing massive growth. Companies need to be able to…

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