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Ineffective coaching leads to ineffective leaders

"Vice president" is typically a title that carries a lot of weight. When it comes to the sales department, however, the average tenure of a vice president is shockingly short. Data from the ES Research Group suggests the average vice president of sales…

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Managing a successful sales department during times of expansion

As young startups expand, they need to take on more customers and clients to accommodate growth. That means they also require larger, more productive sales departments to accelerate the conversion of new clients and leads into paying customers.

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The keys to defining and tracking the right sales metrics

In an effort to bolster efficiency, many companies throughout the United States and even across the globe have placed a great emphasis on "big data" and sales metrics. By evaluating the tracking the numbers, many businesses feel as if they are in a…

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Training is essential before rejiggering your sales team

Sales is a tough job, as any manager will tell you. Some startling figures from the book "How to Hire and Develop Your Next Top Performer" highlight this fact. According to authors Herb Greenberg, Harold Weinstein and Patrick Sweeny, approximately 55…

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Turning your managers into effective coaches

In many companies, the sales manager is an employee who showed a high level of performance and a solid track record, and was consequently promoted from agent to manager. However, the skill sets of an effective sales agent and an effective sales manager…

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Relying on optimism during a competitive economic climate

It's always easier to look at a different situation and perceive it to be better than your own. Your head may frequently come up with "if only" scenarios. "If only we sold this sort of product, I would be able to hit quotas. If only we had this budget,…

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Sales teams need to take a proactive approach with SPM integration

When it comes to upgrading and implementing new technology, the task is often handled by an IT department within the business, as well as the software vendor itself. In the case of sales performance management (SPM) software, the sales team may actually…

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Winning your time back with sales quote software

For many businesses, the sales quote is a pivotal part in the process of acquiring clients and converting leads. The quote can be the make-or-break moment in the sales cycle, with well-crafted quotes securing success, while irrelevant and poorly formed…

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Canidium to attend Indiana State professional sales enhancement experience

Despite the economic recession, the sales profession remains one of the most lucrative jobs for recent college graduates. Even in the throes of the downturn, sales opportunities remained very consistent, declining a meager 0.5 percent in 2010. Now, with…

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Sales coaching is key to moving beyond the status quo

Businesses always want to be moving forward, striving to achieve bigger, better and grander things at faster rates. This is perhaps most evident in sales departments, where agents are measured based on their ability to continually hit ever-increasing…

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