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Overcoming technological challenges within the sales process

Technology is altering the way that companies interact with their clients. Social media channels, video chat and email make it easier to communicate over large distances, which is why businesses are moving to implement more technology in their sales…

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When things are going bad, get coaching

The sales business is known for its uncharacteristically high turnover rate. Sometimes, it's unavoidable - agents that just don't enjoy sales and aren't cut out for the job may make it through the vetting process, and they need to be let go. At the same…

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Using sales coaching to revolutionize the sales process

The sales process is very impressionable, and anything a business does can have a huge impact on productivity and workflow. Something as major as a shift in managerial staff or as minor as a change in the script can completely transform the sales process…

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Walking before running in the sales department

When students learn math through elementary school into college, it's taught in a series of steps. It's ridiculous to expect first-graders to grasp the concepts of calculus. Instead, they are taught basic addition and subtraction, before gradually moving…

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Speed is a key factor in sales efficiency

Sales is a high-pressure, fast-moving job. The common mantra among many sales teams is "always be closing," which encourages agents to finalize deals with clients as quickly as possible. It shouldn't come as any surprise, then, that speed is a common…

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What is sales coaching and how can you make yours better?

What's the best way of taking a good salesperson and making him or her even better? Sales coaching would be the top response from a number of managers and executives across North America. However, the concept of sales coaching can be rather nebulous and…

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Improving transparency with salespeople

There are a number of ways that salespeople motivate themselves to keep pushing past quotas, but perhaps the most effective method of instigating this feeling is by showing agents how much money they are making. When representatives are paid based on…

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Meeting quotas continues to be a core issue at sales departments

Companies are leaning more on their sales departments than ever before. As the economy continues to grow, sales teams play a critical role in generating leads and converting them into paying customers. Without an effective sales department converting…

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Creating sales coaching opportunities that are meant for your company

Sales coaching has been proven by a variety of studies to be extremely beneficial to businesses' sales team. In fact, research from the Sales Executive Council found companies that spend 15 percent more time and money on sales coaching and training tend…

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CRM and SPM: A winning combination for sales teams

Data is crucial to the effective management of any company. Gone are the days when it was acceptable to make crucial business decisions based on gut instinct - now, the technology exists to ensure important choices can be made using relevant data and…

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