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Gamification can lead to new success

Sales is one of the most competitive fields in every industry. Businesses constantly seek new clients and try to lure customers away from competitors, while representatives are always jockeying for the top spot within their organizations.

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4 traits of highly-effective sales managers

Sales performance management (SPM) is a herculean task that requires considerable interpersonal skills and patience. An effective manager can help staffers process an increased number of transactions and build better rapport with loyal clients and…

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The difference between sales coaching, management and training

In a small sales team, the leader might have to watch over a variety of tasks, from training and coaching to broad management. These activities may, at first glance, even seem to go hand-in-hand - leaders manage people, who need to be trained and coached…

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Successful sales management in 2013

For many businesses, 2012 may have not marked a full return to pre-recession operations, but it was a significant step in the right direction. Now, several signs (ranging from improving unemployment rates to business owner confidence) suggest the current…

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Reinforcing effective coaching habits

Sales managers wear a number of hats as a part of their work. They have a hand in incentive compensation management (ICM), aligning sales and business goals, hiring, coaching and everything in between. While some managers may be adept at one or two…

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Three training tips to foster better sales reps

Numerous studies have shown that one of the best strategies businesses can use to get the most out of their sales reps is coaching and training. By providing agents with the insight and coaching they need, companies can see a significant return on their…

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Rethinking sales processes for 2013

Sales is a dynamic job filled with dozens of variables. There is no one specific way to guarantee conversion, and agents need to be able to personally engage each client to maximize their chances of securing sales. However, that being said, there…

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Coaching salespeople with different personalities

Sales refers to a specific job that entails communicating and converting potential leads into paying customers. However, the job is actually highly varied in terms of how it's approach and it isn't unusual to see agents leverage a variety of tactics and…

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Involving the customer in sales calls

Every business stresses the importance of knowing customers. In sales departments, managers frequently invest in customer relationship management software and other tools to collect data and information about prospects' needs, pain points, habits and…

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Key incentive motivators and rallying sales teams around them

Self-motivation is an important attribute for any salesperson. When the going gets tough, they need to be able to challenge themselves to see sales through. Of course, external motivators can also help agents press on, and there are a number of ways…

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