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Auto Dealership Sales and Service Commissions Best Practices: Part V


Author: Michael Stus, Managing Partner

The sales and service commissioning process should be an integral part of strategic operation of an automotive dealership. The most successful auto dealership groups and stores employ key best practices when it…

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Motivating sales representatives to meet their quotas

An important aspect of sales performance management is ensuring that representatives are meeting their regular quotas. Supervisors have to set realistic goals for their staff members, but also ensure that agents are moving enough goods or services to…

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Avoiding sales stagnation during growth periods

A key aspect of sales performance management is ensuring that representatives are consistently closing new deals and avoiding slumps. In many cases, a company's early days are some of its most prosperous and usually feature rapid growth. When a business…

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The cost of sales compensation

Compensation is the strongest motivator for encouraging representatives to close new deals and retain their top buyers. However, it seems that many sales performance management officials are struggling to keep wages at sustainable levels. According to

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Gamification helps with sales predictions

Sales performance management is not a quick task that can be handled without a great deal of thought. Managers are responsible for forecasting revenue and predicting the performance of the entire department. Vendors are always looking for new tools that…

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What makes an effective incentive program?

Sales incentives are the most popular tools for motivating agents. Representatives want to increase their income by meeting their quotas and hitting other important goals. However, companies need their incentive compensation management (ICM) teams to…

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Xactly helping company expand globally

Companies are increasingly turning to incentive compensation management (ICM) software to streamline commission payments for representatives. Many enterprises implement the tool when they have plans for global expansion in the near future. For instance,…

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Keep representatives engaged with an incentive program

Sales incentives are among the most useful tools when it comes to increasing productivity. Agents are more likely to actively sell goods or services when they can earn rewards for meeting their quotas, rather than stagnant compensation. However, Selling…

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