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Giving people better rewards facilitates sales incentive compensation programs

It makes sense that when people feel motivated to work, they're likely to give better performances. Generating superior acceptance of these programs remains the only problem that many organizations face, as simply implementing a sales compensation plan…

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Monetary rewards still a major player in incentive compensation

Offering people money as a way of encouraging them to perform to a higher standard is one of the classic methods of incentive compensation motivation. Handing out financial benefits is a good way of getting a basic response from employees, and sometimes…

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3 different incentive compensation management plans

Every vendor has a different strategy for incentive compensation management. For some businesses, quotas and commissions are the best tools, while other companies prefer to use flat salaries. Managers must tailor their compensation solutions to ensure…

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Divide sales on-boarding into segments

Sales on-boarding can be a daunting process for trainers and new representatives. During training, managers have to spend time away from their regular responsibilities while they teach recently hired employees how to complete basic tasks. The amount of…

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Getting the Most out of Telemarketing Efforts

While the web and other technological advancements are opening new ways for salespeople to convert leads into customers, telemarketing remains a core approach for many businesses. That said, there is no reason that sales managers can't utilize new…

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Rewarding the Skills to Pay the Bills

Salespeople tend to be driven individuals by default, but there are always ways to motivate them to try harder and hit higher benchmarks. One of the best strategies that businesses use is compensation - by offering lucrative payouts and bonuses for…

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