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Accurately forecasting sales

Forecasting revenue is a massive component of sales performance management (SPM), and plays a sizable role in plan design. Accurate projections help supervisors assess a vendor's needs and tailor strategies for future sales. The figures are mostly…

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Ensure sales incentives motivate the correct behaviors

Sales incentives are meant to reinforce excellent work ethic in employees. Rewards, both monetary and otherwise, motivate representatives to sell more goods or services and work toward their company's objectives. All incentive programs are designed with…

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Setting 2013 sales quotas

The most important part of sales performance management at the beginning of the new year is setting sales quotas and rewards. Clear goals and incentive compensation for reaching those numbers can motivate representatives to reach unprecedented levels of…

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Meeting quotas continues to be a core issue at sales departments

Companies are leaning more on their sales departments than ever before. As the economy continues to grow, sales teams play a critical role in generating leads and converting them into paying customers. Without an effective sales department converting…

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