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Sales strategies for a down market

Sales performance management (SPM) is a difficult task that's only exacerbated by a down market. While the economy has made significant strides toward a sustainable recovery, there's still a great deal of progress to be made before pre-recession numbers…

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The importance of sales compensation planning

One of the leading challenges of managing a successful sales department is compensation planning. Businesses can't just pull numbers out of a hat and expect their salespeople to sell the products and services and hit quotas. Compensation is an important…

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Three steps for better compensation plans

Money is a powerful motivator, and for many salespeople, it's the only reason they need to constantly exceed expectations. With that in mind, it's crucial that businesses develop a solid compensation plan that will drive their agents to constantly close…

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Three tips for improving sales compensation plans

Sales compensation management and commissions plans should not be stagnant or set in stone on a yearly basis.

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Creating a more effective sales engine

Sales is core to many business objectives, helping companies gain more awareness, engage existing customers, generate new leads and improve their bottom lines. That said, business owners frequently want to get even more out of their sales departments, as…

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