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Alleviating sales incentive compensation concerns with better planning

There are certain expenses that companies need to consider when hiring sales staff and creating long-term retention strategies. It's important to provide some kind of financial or benefits-centered motivation package for new hires and existing personnel…

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Giving people better rewards facilitates sales incentive compensation programs

It makes sense that when people feel motivated to work, they're likely to give better performances. Generating superior acceptance of these programs remains the only problem that many organizations face, as simply implementing a sales compensation plan…

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Motivating sales representatives to meet their quotas

An important aspect of sales performance management is ensuring that representatives are meeting their regular quotas. Supervisors have to set realistic goals for their staff members, but also ensure that agents are moving enough goods or services to…

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Avoiding sales stagnation during growth periods

A key aspect of sales performance management is ensuring that representatives are consistently closing new deals and avoiding slumps. In many cases, a company's early days are some of its most prosperous and usually feature rapid growth. When a business…

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Companies need better management to promote performance

There are a huge number of transactions occurring within corporate infrastructure every day. Keeping track of all this money can be difficult for some firms, but management software and financial tools are at the ready to sort out the most complex of…

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Improving performance still possible while reducing costs

The last few years have been trying for firms of all kinds as the American economic landscape struggled to right itself from recessionary downturns. Among the tumultuous obstacles corporations faced, budgetary restrictions and downsizing were among some…

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Divide sales on-boarding into segments

Sales on-boarding can be a daunting process for trainers and new representatives. During training, managers have to spend time away from their regular responsibilities while they teach recently hired employees how to complete basic tasks. The amount of…

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How automating the sales cycle leads to new success

Successful sales performance management helps companies reach unprecedented heights by streamlining everyday processes and increasing efficiency. A sale isn't a quick agreement between a representative and a client - there are multiple points of contact…

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Create goals and offer hints for gamification success

Gamification is beneficial for sales performance management (SPM), but the procedure also creates another system that requires regular maintenance. Games that affect basic corporate operations must be regularly updated to ensure that representatives are…

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Ensure sales incentives motivate the correct behaviors

Sales incentives are meant to reinforce excellent work ethic in employees. Rewards, both monetary and otherwise, motivate representatives to sell more goods or services and work toward their company's objectives. All incentive programs are designed with…

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