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Getting the Most out of Telemarketing Efforts

While the web and other technological advancements are opening new ways for salespeople to convert leads into customers, telemarketing remains a core approach for many businesses. That said, there is no reason that sales managers can't utilize new…

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Rewarding the Skills to Pay the Bills

Salespeople tend to be driven individuals by default, but there are always ways to motivate them to try harder and hit higher benchmarks. One of the best strategies that businesses use is compensation - by offering lucrative payouts and bonuses for…

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Firms, sales staff need to monitor online reputations

The rapidly changing business environment has altered the approach that organizations need to take to attract customers. As consumers become more comfortable with online interactions, this is forcing companies to step up their online reputation…

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Businesses providing more benefits to retain employees

The U.S. economy is slowly recovering. Ties to the global market and continued financial problems in Europe have made it difficult for domestic companies to see growth, but the gross domestic product increased at its fastest rate of the year during the…

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Bolstering repeat sales with collaboration

Successful salespeople are able to instantly understand the advantages their product can offer clients. This allows them to make honest comparisons to customer needs and provide the right solution that will leave both parties satisfied, but arriving at…

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Boosting sales with smarter compensation plans

The slowly improving job market and rising property values are encouraging signs for the economy. Consumer confidence is beginning to return as conditions improve. Several recent studies showed that market expectations were the highest they had been…

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Three steps for better compensation plans

Money is a powerful motivator, and for many salespeople, it's the only reason they need to constantly exceed expectations. With that in mind, it's crucial that businesses develop a solid compensation plan that will drive their agents to constantly close…

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Innovative Insurance Partners upgrades to dedicated ICM software

Incentive compensation management (ICM) serves a variety of purposes - it can help sales organizations set goals, manage a variety of territories, monitor sales activity, improve performance, simplify and expedite compensation calculation and otherwise…

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Technology plays a pivotal role in improving compensation plan development

It might sound obvious, but the key to a successful sales department is the management of talent. With this in mind, many companies have placed a greater emphasis on the development of incentive compensation plans. The rationale is that by making complex…

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News outlet integrates CallidusCloud ICM

Regardless of company size or industry, many businesses throughout the world are either integrating or upgrading their incentive compensation management (ICM) solutions to buoy their sales departments.

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