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SPM market continues to grow

During the recession, the top commodity of many companies was money. Now that the economy is normalizing, many businesses are switching their focus to another finite resource: time. Organizations want to ensure that key managers and executives can spend…

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Creating growth with a sales compensation plan

Growing any business requires strong coordination between a number of departments, but it is the sales team that is charged with bringing in new clients. This can place a lot of pressure on sales staff, but the right incentive compensation can provide…

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Creating an equal sales department

Equality is often toted as a given for work environments. Companies are quick to note that they are "equal opportunity employers" and say they offer equal promotions and performance advancements to everyone.

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Resilience is a key sales trait

It takes a specific set of skills and personality traits to be a successful salesperson, but if there is one characteristic that every agent needs, it's resilience. While some people may face adversity and think to themselves, "That didn't work last…

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The difference between getting bigger and better

Efficiency and productivity are two metrics by which most sales departments measure their success. However, it's important to keep these in perspective to scalability, especially with companies experiencing massive growth. Companies need to be able to…

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Setting sales priorities straight

There is an expression people use when they miss something obvious that likens their folly to "not being able to see the forest through the trees." In sales, this happens all the time. Salespeople get focused on trying to reel in "the big one" - a huge…

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