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Igniting employee passions facilitated by incentive compensation

Business leaders are currently facing an economic landscape where making dramatic financial acquisitions may still not be the most favored position. On the other hand, the market in some industries seems ripe for expansion. Finding a balance between…

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Gamification helps with sales predictions

Sales performance management is not a quick task that can be handled without a great deal of thought. Managers are responsible for forecasting revenue and predicting the performance of the entire department. Vendors are always looking for new tools that…

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Create goals and offer hints for gamification success

Gamification is beneficial for sales performance management (SPM), but the procedure also creates another system that requires regular maintenance. Games that affect basic corporate operations must be regularly updated to ensure that representatives are…

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Why gamification will grow in 2013

Gamification has steadily become one of the most effective sales performance management (SPM) techniques. The process involves tying popular game mechanics like rankings and points to selling merchandise or services. Managers now view gamification as a…

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Gamification should be social

Gamification is one of the latest trends in sales performance management (SPM). The thinking behind the strategy is that sales is already a highly competitive field and managers can motivate representatives to sell even more goods by creating opponents…

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Using gamification for sales on-boarding

Gamification is becoming a popular sales performance management (SPM) tactic in many industries. The more products that representatives sell, the more rewards they earn. The strategy helps agents track their numbers so they're motivated to earn sales…

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Gamification can lead to new success

Sales is one of the most competitive fields in every industry. Businesses constantly seek new clients and try to lure customers away from competitors, while representatives are always jockeying for the top spot within their organizations.

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Gamification comes to SPM platform

What drives sales agents to meet and exceed quotas? For a long time, industry experts have argued that incentives are the encouraging force,. but now people are noticing other ways to motivate their sales forces.

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