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Why education helps sales training

Teaching people how to do something is the first step in forming a positive sales performance landscape. However, this educative process is different than sales training. Companies need to ensure that they're driving toward the right kinds of selling and…

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What the reduced role of agents means for the sales cycle

In decades past, the sales cycle hinged on the success of agents and representatives. They were the playmakers, engaging prospects from the outset and sticking with them through the finalized sale. Some even played pivotal roles in customer relationship…

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Boosting team performance with sales coaching

Maximizing the performance of employees requires constant adjustments to various obstacles. Companies need to ensure that their salespeople have the proper level of support to regularly deliver high-quality results, regardless of market conditions.

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Teaching staff to exceed customer expectations

How salespeople treat potential customers is a sign of their organization's professionalism and competence. The right approach can make the difference in any sales situation, but it can be difficult for new employees to find the balance needed to secure…

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Boosting staff performance with continual learning

Getting a strong performance from employees day in and out can be challenging for any company. Incentive and compensation programs can help businesses meet specific goals, but seeing consistent results often depends on building the right type of…

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