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Sales strategies for a down market

Sales performance management (SPM) is a difficult task that's only exacerbated by a down market. While the economy has made significant strides toward a sustainable recovery, there's still a great deal of progress to be made before pre-recession numbers…

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Relying on optimism during a competitive economic climate

It's always easier to look at a different situation and perceive it to be better than your own. Your head may frequently come up with "if only" scenarios. "If only we sold this sort of product, I would be able to hit quotas. If only we had this budget,…

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Recession Driving Non-Cash Incentives?

Callidus and IncentOne describe a move by companies to use more non-cash based incentives mixed in with traditional cash based rewards in a jointly released article earlier this week. The headline indicates Challenging Economic Times as a driver. We did…

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