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Top 10 Challenges and Benefits of CPQ for ISVs Webinar

Are your sales reps spending too much time quoting and not enough time selling? Do you want to enable your customers and partners with self service capabilities to easily and quickly generate quotes and orders?   Do you want to optimize the value…

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Webinar (UK): Optimise Your Sales Process with CPQ

Is your organisation running seamlessly or adding friction to your sales cycle?

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Webinar: How to Increase Sales Velocity with CPQ

Is your organization running seamlessly or adding friction to your sales cycle?

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Configure Price Quote #2

By streamlining proposal generation and workflows, companies can shorten the entire sales cycle, as well as ensure that the information being disseminated on their contracts is concise.

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Configure Price Quote #1

How important is proper product pairing and configuration when it comes to generating more sales?

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Reducing Friction with Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Often, companies struggle to find a balance between sales operations and finance teams.  In order to appeal to more consumers, sales ops want more compelling prices and products, while your finance team is likely focused on producing higher margins and…

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Generate Bigger Deals with Guided Selling Webcast Recap

Are your sales reps leaving money on the table because you don't have a guided selling process in place?

Join industry experts to learn how implementing a guided selling process, utilizing configure, price, quote (CPQ), helps you deliver increased deal…

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Guest Blog Post | Using CPQ to Maximize Your Deal

Recently, we held a webinar with CallidusCloud - "Lead To Money: Generate Bigger Deals with Guided Selling." Check out this recent post in a series about how to increase your win rate with Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ).

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