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Planning employee incentive compensation to match competition

When it comes to retaining the best and brightest, organizations need to ensure that they're offering their staff members at least comparable compensation to what their closest competition can offer. That means keeping up with current job offers,…

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Is Salary a Proxy for Value? Not If You're Steve Jobs

Compensation for a job well done can take on many meanings. To most of us, it's simply a means to an end. We need to pay the bills and support our families. Our rate of pay is necessary to maintain our lifestyle. Most of us correlate our lifestyle and…

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Holiday Bonuses for the Sales Organization

Santa's View on Pay for Performance

By Jason Kearns, Canidium, and Scott Barton, NewSigma

It's the most highly anticipated time of the year: year end, holidays, bonuses and token gifts. This year, many cash-hording companies will open their purse strings…

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Goals Under Attack!

Heard an interesting piece on NPR this evening (transcript here). One of the participants, Lisa Ordonez, a management professor at the University of Arizona was citing some examples of what she calls "Goals Gone Wild." Here is what Ordonez had to say…

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The Dangerous Power of Pay

One aspect of compensation that has always fascinated me is the psychology of motivating people to do what you want. People are motivated by a lot of different things and there's a lot of literature around that. However, the common belief is that money…

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Compensation Management is not for Sissies

Any of us who have had the pleasure of being responsible for compensation management can relate to some of the recent events at AIG, albeit on a smaller and hopefully less dramatic scale. If you're not up to speed, this article will give you the scenario.

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Recession Coming to a Close

Going into the weekend, I wanted to share some bright news I noticed this week. Evidently a team of leading economists from the National Association of Business Economists (NABE) have predicted an end of the recession to come in 2009. Yes, that's this…

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Coaching with MBOs during Periods of Revenue Decline

In industries particularly hard hit by the struggling economy, even the best sales representatives may appear to be under performing based on the most important sales objective, the sales revenue target. How do you know if sales personnel are doing their…

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Recession Driving Non-Cash Incentives?

Callidus and IncentOne describe a move by companies to use more non-cash based incentives mixed in with traditional cash based rewards in a jointly released article earlier this week. The headline indicates Challenging Economic Times as a driver. We did…

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This Seems Complicated

In fact, all of these items are likely to affect the performance of your sales force. A recent Scientific American article by Wray Herbert describes a concept related to our brains' processing. Herbert discusses the possibility that how a task is…

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