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Improving sales performance management

Sales performance management is a dynamic task that requires constant adaptation. Supervisors must always seek ways to improve their on-the-job performances so they can be more effective leaders. Representatives rely on their superiors for guidance and…

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Dedicated software solutions key to compensation management satisfaction

Sales managers can use a variety of tools to track and manage sales compensation, ranging from traditional paper records to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. However, if they want to minimize any hardships, businesses may want to consider using software…

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Survey: Compensation plans could use a rework

Businesses face a number of challenges as they strive to maximize financial performance in a recovering but still sluggish economy. According to a recent survey of 55 chief human capital officers by the Partnership for Public Service and Grant Thornton,…

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Sales Compensation Analytics: The Next Big Thing, Again

Analytics is hot and growing hotter.  More specifically it can revolutionize the way you make decisions, which could make you and your company more successful.  Analytics is the Holy Grail of Sales Performance Management.  If you work in the realm of SPM…

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Compensation Management is not for Sissies

Any of us who have had the pleasure of being responsible for compensation management can relate to some of the recent events at AIG, albeit on a smaller and hopefully less dramatic scale. If you're not up to speed, this article will give you the scenario.

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