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Proper feedback fuels better business productivity

When it comes to getting the best out of every worker, leaders need to take into account the things that employees most enjoy. Incentive compensation management programs therefore should be outfitted with a bevy of reward strategies, including perks,…

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Xactly takes businesses to the cloud for greater advantages

Getting the most out of current deployments can sometimes mean finding new software to operate within these constructs. With the cloud, trying and testing these solutions isn't as expensive or arduous as it used to be, and with so many aspects of…

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The challenges that businesses face when implementing ICM

Compensation calculation, streamlining workflow, generating performance reports, monitoring sales activity, managing various territories, establishing and aligning sales teams with company goals - these are all crucial tasks to operating a successful…

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Setting sales priorities straight

There is an expression people use when they miss something obvious that likens their folly to "not being able to see the forest through the trees." In sales, this happens all the time. Salespeople get focused on trying to reel in "the big one" - a huge…

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Software company integrates Xactly to expedite sales commission processes

Asure Software, an Austin, Texas-based provider of workplace management software, recently made the decision to implement Xactly Express as a means of improving both the accuracy and speed of its sales commission processes. The software solution will…

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