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Webinar: 5 Sales Incentive Plan Design Features That Wreak Havoc on Automation

June 25th, 1pm - 2pm CST: Companies continue to invest millions of dollars in Sales Performance Management (SPM) software, and the returns on those investments can be impressive. But sometimes the challenges and costs of automating sales compensation…

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How automating the sales cycle leads to new success

Successful sales performance management helps companies reach unprecedented heights by streamlining everyday processes and increasing efficiency. A sale isn't a quick agreement between a representative and a client - there are multiple points of contact…

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The merits of automating contract management

Sometimes it's the small things that count. Sweeping changes to your sales team, such as modifying the script that agents use, or altering the commissions system, are some strategies businesses can take to improve productivity. At the same time, however,…

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