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How to implement gamification techniques in sales

Gamification is a popular technique in every industry, and its prevalence is expected to continue to increase. According to Gartner, 70 percent of businesses will have at least one corporate game by 2014. The growing popularity demonstrates that many…

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Create goals and offer hints for gamification success

Gamification is beneficial for sales performance management (SPM), but the procedure also creates another system that requires regular maintenance. Games that affect basic corporate operations must be regularly updated to ensure that representatives are…

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3 tips for training new sales agents

Sales on-boarding is an essential aspect of continued success. Representatives should learn how to use their employer's best practices in all of their client meetings. When trainers do not provide adequate instruction, agents struggle to move merchandise…

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What the reduced role of agents means for the sales cycle

In decades past, the sales cycle hinged on the success of agents and representatives. They were the playmakers, engaging prospects from the outset and sticking with them through the finalized sale. Some even played pivotal roles in customer relationship…

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Building a Better Sales Engine Starts With your Agents

Sales teams are often compared to well-oiled machines, with a mix of technology, talent and leadership driving them to continually meet loftier goals. However, there are a number of ways for wrenches to be thrown into the sales engine - revised product…

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