How to integrate SAP CPQ To Salesforce

How to integrate SAP CPQ To Salesforce

How to integrate SAP CPQ To Salesforce

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Author: Canidium Representative


Canidium is the leading sales performance, incentive compensation, and sales process optimization consultancy. As a leading SAP partner, Canidium has expertise with SAP’s CX Sales Cloud, as well as a pre-existing relationship with CallidusCloud. CPQ is an integral part of Canidium’s service portfolio. Through managed, strategic, and technical services, Canidium helps their clients achieve greater ROI through their solutions.

With many systems in place to manage their business, customers are looking for ways to integrate their solutions and streamline processes. One way SAP CPQ is helping in this regard is by having a native integration between SAP CPQ and SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C). SAP C4C is a great CRM platform that will help sales teams grow stronger relationships with their customers, and retain and grow business. 

SAP also takes their customer experience a step further by having quick and easy integrations with other CRM solutions, for those who are not looking to migrate to C4C. Salesforce (SFDC), Microsoft Dynamics, and SugarCRM are examples of CRM solutions that have standard integrations with SAP CPQ. This allows you to easily see your customer and opportunity data inside CPQ.  

This guide is to help you setup the integration between SAP CPQ and SFDC so an end-user can create quotes within the SFDC environment, as well as populate the quote back into the SFDC sales opportunity.  We will be covering what steps need to be taken on both the SFDC side and the SAP CPQ side.

To start the SFDC -> CPQ integration, log into SFDC and do the following:

  1. Create custom Quote Object and add Fields you want to integrate between CPQ and SFDC

  2. Create Visualforce Pages (New Quote and Edit Quote)

  3. Assign the Visualforce Pages to the actions within the Quote Object (Add and Edit)

  4. Add the Quote Object to the Opportunity Layout and add the fields you would want to see about your quote (ie Total List, Total Discount Amount, etc...)


Next, log into CPQ and complete these steps to finish your integration:

  1. Go to Setup -> CRM Integration -> General to select Salesforce as the integration option

  2. Go to Setup -> CRM Integration -> CRM Administrator Account to add a new CRM Administrator Account

  3. Go to Setup -> CRM Integration Setup -> CRM Quote to define the basic mappings and new mappings (this is where you will need to map the fields you created to CPQ fields)

Now that you’ve taken all the necessary steps to complete your integration, follow these steps in order to conduct a test.

  1. Click Opportunities

  2. Create New Opportunity

  3. Scroll down and click New Quote

  4. You will be taken to your CPQ landing page

In this article, we discussed what steps are necessary to integrate SAP CPQ and SFDC to help streamline your sales process.  If you need any assistance with any of the steps mentioned above, please contact Canidium.

If you’re still wondering whether CPQ can improve your sales process by increasing efficiency and allowing users to quote faster, give us a call. We would like to speak with you about how CPQ can grow your business and streamline CPQ processes. For more information about our work with CPQ, visit,




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