Why SAP Commissions Could be the Right Fit for Your Business

Why SAP Commissions Could be the Right Fit for Your Business

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Author: Elle Dykeman and Luke Jacobson

Choosing an SPM solution can be hard given that there are so many options for SPM software on the market. We would like to tell you Why SAP Commissions could be the right fit for your business!

Watch a short video about why your company may need SAP Commissions:
What sets SAP Commissions apart:
  • SAP Commissions, formerly known as CallidusCloud, has been a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for SPM for seven years straight - making it a tried and true solution!
  • SAP Commissions is scalable handling any level of expansion within your organization. 
  • SAP Commissions has native integrations with other SAP products such as SuccessFactors, Qualtrics, SAP CRM, and other SAP products.
  • SAP Commissions has the ability to integrate with other tools that you may be currently using such as Salesforce, so no need to worry if you’re not using SAP CRM!
  • SAP Commissions has Technical Support available 24/7.
  • SAP Commissions has out of the box workflows including dispute resolution and Plan Communicator and Distribution.
  • SAP Commissions offers highly customizable dashboards with performance metrics, trending charts, drill down functionality and gamification widgets. 

Along with what sets SAP Commissions apart in the industry there are several key features and benefits available that make it both time saving, user friendly, and reducing margin of error resulting in money saved. 


Key Features or Benefits of using SAP Commissions:
  • Draw Functionality
    • With today's economic hardships it's important to have ways to keep good talent, implementing draws gives you the ability to retain your sales reps, but allows your business to recover that money through sales in the future. For more information on your options visit: https://canidium.com/white-papers/
  • Visibility
    •  Dashboards
      • Allowing your sales reps to see up-to-date information about their progress towards their quota will help motivate them to sell more 
      • Allowing managers to see important data of all their subordinates, such as if they are hitting quotas, where they rank within the team etc. 
  • Deep customization, fit for mid-market to large enterprises
    • Whether you’d like to pay a flat 6% commission on the first $100,000 in products sold and 7.5% commission on everything above that, or, if your comp plan involves a complex rate table with 15 different rates depending on attainment, with bonuses for selling certain products, SAP Commissions can be configured to accommodate these calculations
    • Calendars can be customized to fit a variety of non calendar years. 
      • Examples:
        • Customized Fiscal Calendar to match your business needs
        • 4-5-4 Calendar
        • Pay periods tailored to fit business needs (ex: Weekly, Bi weekly)
    • Business Units
      • SAP Commissions has the ability to protect sensitive data separated by business units
        • If a company has separate entities but needs all of them to be paid through the commission system they can use separate business units
        • A Compensation Administrator can have access to one or all
    • Position Groups
      • These allow you to meet region or line of business specific payroll deadlines by running commissions for a subset of payees. 
  • Plan Documents (plan communicator)
    • SAP Commissions has the ability to dynamically fill in plan documents from data that exists in the system. This allows you to create 1 or a few documents, and have the system generate documents for all your sales reps with specific information for each of them
    • SAP Commissions has the ability to also generate documents that are more generic such as T&C’s that can be distributed with Plan specific documents. Which can help maintain compliance allowing important documents to come from one place. 

With age comes wisdom, and SAP Commissions has proven to be a leader within the SPM software industry. They are always keeping customer satisfaction a top priority by regularly enhancing their system based off of the needs of the businesses using their software. SAP Commissions remains user friendly while still being highly customizable. It is no doubt that SAP Commissions will be able to provide the total package for your compensation needs. 

When it comes to having the total package for your compensation needs, it helps to have a team of experts with years of experience working within the SAP Commissions Software. 

At Canidium, our experienced consultants are here to help you achieve the most from your SAP Commissions system. Want to learn more about what SAP Commissions can do for your company? Go to https://canidium.com/contact/ or click the button below, and one of our experts will promptly respond to your inquiry.

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