Canidium Turns Ruby Into Platinum, a Leading Sponsor of SAP CX Live

Canidium Turns Ruby Into Platinum, a Leading Sponsor of SAP CX Live

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Author: Canidium PR

Canidium PR

Fort Collins, CO, April, 2019 -- SAP, a leader in Sales Performance Management (SPM) software solutions, is less than a month away from their digital innovation event, SAP CX Live®. The event will be hosted May 7-8, in Orlando, FL, and Canidium, a leading sales process and performance management consultancy, will have the honor of being a platinum event sponsor. SAP CX Live is running in parallel with SAP’s annual event Sapphire Now®. Attendees will have opportunities to:

  • Have hands-on interactions with SAP’s solutions, which are designed to give them a competitive advantage through streamlining the customer experience (CX), in what many are calling the “experience economy.”  
  • View over 100 sessions with industry leaders discussing best practices for leveraging the SAP® C4/HANA suite, overcoming business challenges, and other sales performance topics.
  • Celebrate the end of a successful event. SAP will be throwing a party, where attendees can enjoy the festivities as well as network with industry experts, SAP partners, and other customers.

SAP CX Live, like Sapphire Now, is sponsored by its partners. Last year, Canidium was a Ruby-level sponsor of Sapphire Now, and had a strong presence at SAP CX Live in Barcelona in the fall. This year, Canidium will be a platinum sponsor of SAP CX Live. This comes on the heels of a very successful 2018, where Canidium proved they are a leader in the SAP Sales Cloud platform, having had zero implementation escalations in 2018.

Jason Kearns, Canidium’s VP of Technical Services, and David Kohari, Canidium’s VP of Strategic Services and Customer Success, will be leading two main-stage sessions, both of which will have an SAP customer speaking alongside them. Canidium will also have a mini-theatre, where they will host other sessions. These sessions will be located at their booth, along with interactive demos and their on-site team.

When asked about Canidium’s platinum sponsorship and his thoughts on SAP CX Live, Lee Goldberg, VP of Sales and Marketing said, “ When it comes to an industry wide, very targeted event for Customer Experience, this is the premier destination. SAP has made a considerable investment into putting together a suite of products that dominates this space. I couldn’t think of a better place than SAP CX Live to display Canidium’s world class consulting organization built around delivering the SAP Sales Cloud product to the entire SAP ecosystem.”

To learn more, visit or follow Canidium on LinkedIn ( or Twitter @canidium. Those who are interested in attending SAP CX Live can learn more at;, or follow SAP and SAP Customer Experience on social media.


About Canidium

Canidium is a leading sales performance, incentive compensation, and sales process  optimization consultancy. For more than 11 years, Canidium has offered a unique approach to delivering sales process and performance management. Canidium empowers sales organization’s through aligning goals with corporate objectives, ensuring the highest ROI is realized, and building deeper, stronger customer relationships to grow and retain business.

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