Sales compensation program change considerations

3rd quarter is traditionally the time that sales compensation program changes are finalizing for the approaching year. Three key things that your compensation plan design team should keep in mind while going through the process: 1) stick to your design…

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Diligence in your day to day

I just finished reading a great book called Better: A Surgeon's Notes on Performance by Atul Gawande.  In this book, Gawande a medical doctor with a surgery specialty describes examples of professionals in his field striving for excellence in the…

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EIM / SPM system upgrade: port or reengineer

Many of the software companies in the enterprise incentive management (EIM) / sales performance management (SPM) space have several major releases of their flagship software behind them and their support for older versions may be waning. The latest…

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Can you explain your company's sales comp plan to a 2nd grader?

We're into the 3rd quarter of the year and your sales kickoff meeting is approaching.  Now is probably the time of the year your organization begins to think about the sales compensation plan and what modifications will be made for the coming year. …

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