#4: You Didn't Finish (and You Didn't Tell Anyone)

4 of 5: Top 5 Mistakes Collecting SPM / EIM Project Requirements

This is probably the most common mistake. You have an allotted amount of time for requirements, you get to the end of that time and you stop… or you at least say you've stopped in your…

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#3: You Asked the Tourist for Directions

3 of 5:Top 5 Mistakes Collecting SPM / EIM Project Requirements

It's important to identify the true subject matter experts and speak to them. There are a lot of tourists roaming the streets eager to share what they know. Tourists have read all the guides…

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#2: You painted the wall from bottom to top

2 of 5:Top 5 Mistakes Collecting SPM / EIM Project Requirements

It is possible to collect requirements out of order, and it often happens. Just like painting a wall, there is some strategy involved. When you paint, you typically want to start at the top…

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#1: You took the buffalo for a walk

1 of 5: Top 5 Mistakes Collecting SPM / EIM Project Requirements

You need to be in control and organized. And if you've ever tried to walk a buffalo, you can attest to the fact that you are not in control of that situation. In this metaphor, the buffalo…

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Recession Driving Non-Cash Incentives?

Callidus and IncentOne describe a move by companies to use more non-cash based incentives mixed in with traditional cash based rewards in a jointly released article earlier this week. The headline indicates Challenging Economic Times as a driver. We did…

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This Seems Complicated

In fact, all of these items are likely to affect the performance of your sales force. A recent Scientific American article by Wray Herbert describes a concept related to our brains' processing. Herbert discusses the possibility that how a task is…

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Share the Joy (or beneficially commiserate)

Are you part of an active user community for your SPM software? If not, you should be. The benefits can be immense. Some of things you might gain include:

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What's in a name?

As humans, and if you're reading this you most certainly are a human, we have a biological need to name everything around us. Whether it's insects, rocks, cloud formations or psychological disorders it needs to have a name. In fact, upon encountering a…

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Compensating for the Recession

The economy is in a state we haven't seen for a very long time. Every segment is affected; every number is down. Imports, exports, manufacturing, retail, finance, and housing are all feeling the pain. This probably isn't the greatest time to be a sales…

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Reputation as an incentive

Last week a colleague of mine was looking for a way to edit a large XML file; what he needed was to change the value of numbers appearing within a particular tag throughout the file by adding a 0.04 to the existing value. This was required to effect a…

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